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Technology Forms

District Forms (require password):

Chromebook Fee Form (in-district use only)

Use of this form is for the building administrators.  This is used to charge students with neglect/intention damage/loss of Chromebooks.  

Initial Enrollment Form 

Use of this form is reserved by the Student Services Department.  This form generates an automated email to the Technology Department as well as the building the student will be attending (principal and secretary).  If a student is identified as needing an ESL assessment, a message will go to our ESL teachers.  If an incoming student is marked as having an existing IEP, a notification will go to the Special Education Coordinators.  If a student is marked as having a 504 Plan, the building counselors will be notified via email.

Enrollment Detail Form

This form will be filled out by building secretaries when the student arrives at their building.  At the Elementary Level, secretaries will list the student's homeroom.  This will allow the Technology Department to properly assign the student classes for EMIS-reporting in a timely manner.  At all levels, the "1st Day Attending" field will initiate a series of student account changes related to EMIS and will also allow the Technology Department to establish necessary accounts for the student (Google, Journey's, THINK Central, Collections, My Big Campus, etc.).

ESL Assessment Request Form

This form will be used by the building principals to enter student information for a student that needs an ESL assessment.  A copy of the results will be sent to the Student Services Department, the building principal, and the ESL Teachers.  The email will also contain a link to the ESL Update Form where the testing result information will be submitted.

ESL Update Form

This form will be sent to the ESL Instructors when the Initial Enrollment Form indicates a student is in need of an ESL Assessment.  The detail submitted in this form will be sent to the ESL Instructors and the Student Services Department for proper record keeping and state reporting.

Reading Diagnostic Form

When a new K-3 student is enrolled in the district after September 30th, we are required to assess them in Reading within 30 days of enrollment.  When the "Enrollment Detail Form" is submitted for an incoming K-3 student with a start date greater than September 30th, an automated email will be generated to the building principal and reading intervention teacher with a link to this form.  This data collection form will allow the reading intervention teacher to submit the reading diagnostic data to the EMIS Coordinator for reporting accuracy.

Withdrawal Form

This form is a change in process.  Previously, building secretaries would withdraw students.  However, the system never required all of the necessary information for EMIS reporting.  In lieu of withdrawing the student from PowerSchool, building secretaries will quickly submit this form that collects all needed data.  An automated email will be sent to the EMIS Coordinator and the Technology Department who in turn will transfer the student out of PowerSchool as well as inactivate the district student accounts (Network, Google, etc.).