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Community Offerings

Posted on Feb. 08, 2016

Sylvania Schools has much to offer the residents of our community. A prime example of this would be the Cosmetology program at Northview High School (NV). I had the meaningful experience of getting my hair cut this week by student Brooke Weiner. As I was talking with Brooke and her teacher Chris Jude, I learned about the many regular Sylvania community members who have been coming to get their hair done for years. I had a moment of deep understanding when I learned that a few of the “regulars” have been coming to the Northview Cosmetology program for over 30 years. The reason so many people, from the community, keep coming back to the program is due to the type of high quality students in the program and the leadership of teachers like Chris Jude.    

In a very profound way, the Northview Cosmetology program illustrates the strong ties Sylvania Schools has with the broader Sylvania community.